08/12/16 - Chiang Rait Today

Making the Dream of Flying Come True

Bui Porntip Nakhirunkanok Simon, former Miss Universe 1988 and President of Angels Wings Foundation, demonstrates her unconditional love for children as she escorts 100 orphans ages 5-12 years old (girls were from Ban Rachvitee and the boys from ban Manhamek) for a field trip to the Military Aviation Museum (Donmuang). When asked why this destination? Bui explained, “I included the children in the planning. When given a choice this is where THEY wanted to visit.” Most of them told her that they had never been on an airplane and it would be a dream for them to see one. Certainly, the Military Aviation Museum was eager to welcome them with open arms. And Bui was excited to fulfill their endearing desire.

It wouldn’t be Bui’s style to come empty handed. To complete the trip, Bui had a reception area arranged where the children were presented with additional surprises starting with: a delicious feast that Bui sweetly served the children herself; then a traditional and very popular Poong Lang performance “Mangman” that generated a room full of laughter; and finally the evening ended with Bui giving out trendy G-Shock watches to the boys and cute pink Hello Kitty watches to the girls. Bui said that this represented all the happy times she has experienced with the children. “I so admire how they are always happy every time I come to visit,” Bui says with admiration.

In addition to her outing, Bui also returned to Thailand with a donation of twenty kinds of educational toys which where donated from the US by JAKKS toys. The 11,180 pieces will be donated to orphanages in the rual regions.