Founded by Bui Simon, Angels Wings Foundation is dedicated to providing vital assistance to underserved Thai children and empowering them with the essential gift of education.

We will begin receiving applications for our 2020 Thai Scholarship on January 1st, 2020. This unique scholarship is one of the only of its kind for the Thai community and is Simon’s way of honoring the unique heritage that we should all take pride in. 


The Power of Education


An endeavor that began 30 years ago, as a personal mission to increase educational opportunities for the underprivileged children in her native country of Thailand, Bui Simon, Founder and President of Angels Wings Foundation has grown the foundation today to become a multi country foundation impacting the lives of many Thai youth.


Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, Western Region

On August 6, 2019 President & Founder Bui Simon hosted the third annual Angels Wings Foundation International Thai Scholarship Celebration Ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Forty-one high school seniors of Thai descent from the states of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington were named recipients of the 2019 Angels Wings Foundation’s Thai Scholarship; applications tripled from last year. “As a Thai native, I know what it’s like for these students,” said Simon. “Growing up, I had to work to support myself and my family. Each and every one of our recipients got accepted into the school of their dreams on their own merit through hard work, courage, dedication and resilience.  This scholarship is to let them know how incredible they are. All it takes is one person to see the potential in someone to inspire a higher ambition. I am very proud of my Thai heritage and the deep culture it embodies. I want these students to remember where they come from so that they can be proud to fully own who they are.  It is also important, for true happiness, to honor our community and be mindful to pay it forward where possible.” said Simon. 


Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, California

Saturday August 4th, 2018, 31 exceptional Thai high school graduates were honored by Bui Simon, President of Angels Wings Foundation for their impressive accomplishments. What a monumental day in which their hard work and determination has brought them to be recognized with the Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, California. “I am so incredibly proud of these remarkable students. They are being rewarded for their talents, academic achievements and community leadership. The future is brighter because they are in it. I know they will continue to make us proud as they pursue their personal dreams “ said President, Bui Simon.

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Angels Wings Scholarship, Thailand

President of Angels Wings Foundation, Bui Simon awarded 30 outstanding Thai youth the Angels Wings College Scholarship on July 16, 2018. This year Bui and Dr. Pusadee Thamthai, BMA's Deputy Governor selected 30 incredible students from rural areas in the North East, South, North and Central Thailand as well as Bangkok to receive funding to to continue their academic for children in rural Thailand

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Highlights Along The Way


Angels Wings Foundation believes that the surest path to improve one’s circumstance begins with education. In maintaining this belief Angels Wings has cultivated programs to support school development (School Development Project), provide inspiring mentors and teachers (Teach for Thailand) and give educational scholarships for children in rural Thailand (Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, LA, Angels Wings Scholarship, Thailand, Rural Teaching Scholarship). 



Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, LA

In an inspiring effort to provide financial assistance for Thai high schoolers in the greater Los Angeles area, the Angels Wings Foundation is awarding scholarships to 24 rising college students of Thai ancestry from Los Angeles County...

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Rural Teaching Scholarship

I am proud to introduce our newest initiative: The Angels Wings Rural Teaching Scholarship, a program that aims to offer vital opportunities for deserving students and create educational...

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Teach for Thailand

Bui Simon announces Angels Wings Foundation’s commitment to the Teach For Thailand program with an initial 3 million baht donation at a recent press conference in Bangkok...

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Angels Wings Pepperdine
Thai Scholarship

Angels Wings Foundation mission is to provide underprivileged children with support and opportunities in the form of education. By providing one child with an education and the means to gain their...

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School Development Project

Angels Wings Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the Tumbon Nong Gung Nongkung School located in Ubolrajatanee Province. This is one of many schools that Founder, Bui Simon...

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Precious Orphan Project

Angels Wings Founder Bui Simon visits Shalom Orphanage to award two students with University Scholarships. Touched by the kind hearted owners of the Shalom Orphanage, Bui provides an...

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