In an inspiring effort to provide financial assistance for Thai high schoolers in the greater Los Angeles area, the Angels Wings Foundation awarded scholarships to 24 rising college students of Thai ancestry from Los Angeles County on August 3, 2017. The new scholarship underscores Angels Wings Founder Porntip Bui Simon’s unwavering belief in the power of education. The Angels Wings Thai Scholarship is a new initiative intended to recognize and honor Thai-American students who have demonstrated academic excellence, concern for their Thai community, and connection and desire to continue their education. 

The overarching vision for the scholarship initiative is to open doors for Thai students to experience higher education, and create a nationwide network of Thai youth scholars. Founder, Porntip Bui Simon, believes the scholars will thrive when given the chance to further develop their relationships with their Thai community and hopes to instill a greater sense of pride and commitment to Thailand and its people. Porntip Bui Simon said “Having grown up in Southern California, I have personally been inspired by the enriching Thai community. Now that my children are becoming more independent, I am thrilled to have the privelage of time to invest in our local Thai youth, and encourage their Thai pride, while continuing to support my beloved country of Thailand.”