Thank you for your heartfelt interest in our foundation. It only takes a moment to realize how fortunate we are to wake each morning with the comforts of a roof over our heads, basic necessities and the ability to hope. Many of the children in Thailand have never considered such a luxury. With your generosity we can help these angels build a pathway towards their future and the education that will give them the wings they need to fly to their potential.

Whether contributing to a specific scholarship program led by Angels Wings Foundation or donating cash towards immediate needs that the foundation is earmarking for future projects, our Founder, Bui Simon, will personally see that your heartfelt contribution reaches the lives of those who need it most. Here’s how you can help:


Donation Amount

Donation Frequency

GUARDIAN ANGEL ($10,000+) : Become an noted Angels Wings honoree and transform a child’s life. Your donation will provide food, shelter and education for a year.

PATRON ANGEL ($1,000+) : Your donation will feed, clothe and provide the basic necessities for a child’s for a year.

ARCHANGEL ($100+): Your donation will help provide food and the basic necessities a child needs daily.

HONORARY ANGEL ($25+) : Help a child in need of the most basic necessities.

We also welcome you to visit our Facebook page at or our YouTube page at to learn more about our current projects.

Angels Wings Foundation
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With Sincere Gratitude,
Porntip Bui Simon