08/01/13 - Lips Magazine


On a recent trip to Thailand with her family and foundation, Former Miss Universe, Porntip Bui Simon sat down with Lips Magazine to speak on her role as a proud mother and her work with her non-profit foundation Angels Wings International.

“I want to be a good example for my kids when it comes to giving, because whatever you want them to be like, you have to start with yourself. It starts within the home, teaching them that the most important thing is family; therefore we have to love one another unconditionally and practice sharing. By teaching them to express love for one another, it becomes easier to teach them to love others as well. Such as with my foundation work, I try to show them if you havemeans but don’t help those in need, then it is like we are not pulling our weight in society. Like you are full, but your brothers and sisters are hungry, you will appear selfish and worthless to others. I want my children to understand that if they have the opportunity and the ability to help others, then there should be no hesitation. The more you have, the more you should be giving.” Aside from focusing on her children’s education and personally teaching them to be good citizens in society, the generous spirit of this mother who has held the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World never stays still, because she also devotes her time and energy to underprivileged children through her charity, Angel Wings Foundation, which she started to help disadvantaged children in Thailand raise their standards of living and gain valuable education. She still serves as the foundation’s chairperson and gives it her heart and soul to this day.

“This year, we will have a special projects and events for our generous donors, along with an ongoing effort, ‘Scholarships for Village Educators,’ which helps deserving but financially disadvantaged students who show academic potential and exemplary behavior with full tuition and living expenses. We help these students who want to become teachers with a gift of education all the way through college, so they can return home and help children in their home towns and villages. Angel Wings Foundation has sent teachers to many schools throughout Thailand, with immediate plans to expand to even more schools shortly, such as in Ubon Rachathani province. Aside from sending teachers, we also help with building new school buildings for eager communities.

“With my charity, it gives me great pleasure to not only help children, but to see my loved ones–including Herb and our family in America, as well as my relatives here in Thailand–working so hard together for an important cause.”