Bui Simon, Founder of Angels Wings Foundation Visits BMA School Khlong Nong Yai School with Governer Pusadee Tamthai

Angels Wings Founder Bui Simon visited several classrooms including 9th grade math, science and english at Khlong Nong Yai School, a BMA school supporting the Teach for Thailand program in the heart of Bangkok. Accompanied by Governor Pusadee Tamthai, head of the school Urailak Kongwattana and the founders of Teach for Thailand, Bui spent the morning at Khlong Nong Yai School to gain a better understanding of how Angels Wings Foundation could impact the educational system in the city. “I am so proud to have had the opportunity to meet four of the Teach for Thailand teachers from the Summer Institute program and to see them in their element. The pure joy of the children’s presence was palpable and it makes me so proud to see what an impact is being made in the lives of these promising young students.”