Health care, food and shelter are all critical staples of any aid program. Along with those vital components, we at Angels Wings Foundation maintain that the surest path out of poverty begins with education.


The goal

The goal of Angels Wings Foundation is to provide underprivileged children with support and opportunities in the form of education. The main concept behind the organization exists in the idea of “paying it forward”; passing on the knowledge. With this concept the students that are provided with support from Angels Wings Foundation will pass their knowledge and education onto other rural Thai children that are in circumstances similar to theirs. By providing one child with an education and the means to gain their wings to fly, we hope that in turn these children will then pass onto others what we have instilled in them.

Education and teaching are the most important factors in a persons life and with the support of others. Angels Wings Foundation aims to continue to provide the rural children of Thailand with the opportunity to attend school, receive an education and grow into the future leaders of tomorrow.