Scholarship Purpose:
The initiative behind the Angels Wings Thai Scholarship, Western Region is to recognize and honor Thai American students who have demonstrated academic excellence, concern for their Thai community, connection with their heritage, and desire to continue their education. The required factors may be demonstrated through participation in community and high school/college activities.

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6. Full list of documents to email in addition to this form: ALL DOCUMENTS LISTED BELOW MUST BE SUBMITTED by email to in order to be considered for the SCHOLARSHIP.

  1. 2019 High School Transcript with senior year grades, including GPA and Class Rank.

  2. One (1) Letter of Recommendation (non-family): Qualified writers may be Teachers, Coaches, Principal, Counselor. Must include their contact information for verification.

  3. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: One may be from a Teacher, Coach, Principal or Counselor. And the second can be from an adult known on a personal level, such as from Volunteering, Faith-based Organization, Mentor or Neighbor. Must include their contact information for verification.

  4. A 500-1000 word Essay: How has your family background affected the way you see the world?

  5. Proof of College Acceptance and ID Card Number. Submit a copy of the College Acceptance letter.